Tailored Leasing

Pure Executive Auto looks to make things simple, fast and easy for our clients. Offering competitive leasing rates for our tailored programs. There are plenty of reasons why leasing could be beneficial for you!.

Monthly Payments

We understand payment structure is an important aspect of financing or leasing it comes into a big play with the monthly expense sheet. With our tailored leasing program our clients monthly lease payments are 30%-60% lower than a finance loan for the same car and same term.

GS-T Benefits

Our clients do not pay sales tax on the entire value of a leased vehicle as you would if you paid the full balance. You’re only taxed on the portion of the value that you are leasing during your term. The Gs-t is spread out and paid along with your monthly lease payment instead of being paid all at once.

Residual Balance  

Residual gives our clients the perfect balance so they do not carry the full purchase balance during their term. But once our clients terms are finished they have the ability to refinance the residual through a new lease without a large cash outlay, and continue enjoying there prize possession. Other options are


  • Sell the car, pay the residual, and keep any difference
  • Pay the residual, and own the car
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