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2014 Aston Martin Vanquish

Pure Executive Auto is proud to present this beautiful, elegant 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish the car selected by James Bond 007. Our Vanquish boasts a beautiful exterior color named after the James Bond film Skyfall.

The advanced AM29 V12 engine is the most powerful Aston Martin GT production engine ever created. Peak power of 568 bhp. Peak torque of 630 Nm. A top speed of 201 mph. Blistering 0-60 mph of just 3.6seconds. Not only did we deliver stunning performance we also did the impossible – AM29 delivers improved fuel efficiency of 22.1mpg (combined economy).

Vanquish sees AM29 tuned to its most potent specification – it’s the ultimate heart for our ultimate Grand Tourer.

Impressive figures are backed by an advanced development story. Produced at our bespoke engine facility in Cologne, our engineers worked tirelessly to create an engine which mated seamlessly to the character and performance our development team requested. The process delivered clear technical advances. The debut of dual variable valve timing. Enlarged throttle bodies. Fully machined combustion chambers and a ‘big wing’ intake manifold

Car Specs:

  • Paint – Special AML Colour ( Skyfall) $6,140.00
  • Brake Calipers : $1,740.00
  • Magnum Silver Meshes : $870.00
  • Seat belts – Chancellor Red: $675.00
  • Personalized Sill Plaques: $870.00
  • Leather Headlining: $1740.00
  • Black leather One-77 Steering Wheel :$1,195.00
  • Headrest Embroidery – Vanquish Logo : $870.00
  • Alarm Upgrade : $520.00
  • Carbon Fiber Exterior
  • Quik Silver Exhaust : $5025.00
  • Brand new tires
  • Fresh Oil Change
  • 34915 KM